Who Am I…

I did masters in Fine Arts with distinction and called gold medallist, as well Bachelors in Fine Arts with silver medal from the same university. Right after completing my education I got a job as Lecturer and started satisfying myself by teaching and spreading out my talent and ideas to the new arrivals. Along with all that I started working as a designer cum visualizer in a software house from where I learnt a lot.

On expressing my self on computer by developing web sites, how could I ignore my real way of expression that is “the painting” I just do it in a couple of mediums. Usually I prefer watercolor and poster color techniques. It all depends on my moods and subjects.

I have painting and craft exhibitions on my credit, and have participated in many national and international level exhibitions and coupe of solo shows as well. I never bound my self to express my feelings and ideas just only on paper and canvass, it can be any thing like a clay pot, a bottle, piece of fabric, a wooden piece or even wax. I have created so many card designs, which can be seen in the markets on different occasions. Some of them can be seen on my own website.

I have a passion to observe and see through things, subjects, surroundings, culture and nature. My sensitivity which makes me feel things deep inside, which forces me to do all these paintings, compels me to put those feelings, observations and thoughts onto the canvass. And I will be doing this until I express all, that how I take things from the world.

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