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BBC Radio Manchester interview (20 May 2018)


PAINTING EXHIBITION  (29 April 2017) coverage by Channel 44 UK

Painting exhibition held on April 2017 at Wandsworth Town Hall London. News coverage by Channel 44 UK << Click for Details >>

BBC UK (29 April 2017) by Arif Shamim

Painting exhibition held on April 2017 at Wandsworth Town Hall London. News coverage by Arif Shamim BBC UK  << Click for online Urdu Edition >>

WORLD BANK REPORT (5 October 2006) by Benoît Millot

One of the paintings “College Friend” was selected by World Bank for the title page of the report “Higher Education in Pakistan.<< Click for Details >>

THE JANG DAILY (2 January 2006)

Being a semi-realist painter, drawing abstraction with objective expression has been more than a passion for her. She has chosen a slogan – “expression with the touch of impression” which, indeed, aptly describes her majestic artistic work. “I paint female figures, mostly dancing and enjoying themselves,” said Faiqa Uppal, a renowned artist while talking to The News here Thursday.

WEEKLY INDEPENDENT (16 September 2004 – Issue #, 13, Vol # 04)

A Report bout Faiqa’s Art work in weekly magazine and online edition.

THE NATION (10 December 1996) by Awais Ibrahim

As pastoral life gives immense richness to her soul and mind she loves to portray nature keeping alive its freshness in various lives and colours. “She immortalises beauty”

THE NATION (1 July 1994) by Awais Ibrahim

The painting and the pencil work of Faiqa exhibited her skill in capturing the benevolent aspect of nature. Using oil and water colours as medium her innovative style successfully conveys her powerful and spontaneous feelings.”My approach towards life is very realistic. The main reason behind my interest is figure study and capturing casual poses.”She said “Poets express themselves in words, I do so with brush.”, added Faiqa. Where oil and watercolour paintings were termed perfect by art lovers who were fascinated by her paintings. Inspired by Picasso, The Spanish pioneer of Cubism, Faiqa’s work consisted of oil painted landscapes and pencil work showing casual posses of models and easily identifiable objects which, She says “I paint not as I see them but as I understand them ” In one of her oil paintings, she has captured cycle-mechanics at work. Busy like bees, the three mechanics, are deeply associated with their work, the youngest in mending a puncture, the eldest is separating a tire from its metal rim, while the third is busy in some other repair work.

THE NATION (6 March 1992) by Muhammad Abbas Zaidi

Faiqa’s painting of rural scene is superb depiction of the summer scene. The buffalo man driving his herd to a water sight is wearing a dhoti . It is amazing to note how Faiqa could capture this because the herd must be on move. This is remarkable, to say the least. More importantly the colours in the background are a good selection as they give evidence of how one can feel in summer. The colour of dust in the background and the absence of greenery on the ground add to the feeling of heat.

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